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Below are some links to the latest NFL injury reports. 



We are considering doing online stats this year.Which means faster results and stats,go to the forum and voice your opinion on this.


Happy fourth of july all...just wanted to leave a note stating that the 2003-2004 season quickly approaches so get ready now!

hehe Finally received the update from the commish,which is available for download at this site,gives all the final standings and numbers for the league..

2003-2004 news.
The league is changing this year,with the addition of this web site and the greatness of the internet,we have decided to do all the stats ONLINE..
Thats right this years we will be getting our stats from a stat service and the results should be printed online by wednesday nights.So this means now you have to go to this site to get the weekly stats for our games..
I am also considering using the forums as a place for trades,pick ups and drops because they are dates stamped and everyone can see what is happening around our league.I NEED YOUR INPUT! So get ready! ill update yopu guys as details are forthcoming.

Fantasy bowl update-
The new g/ms of the widow makers are really making the league take notice!
After a intense fantasy bowl the widow makers came out victorious with a win over the wolves,45 to 30 was the final.Great job guys!The newbies taking out the commisioner..ouch!thats gotta hurt.we will see what next year brings from this team,can they repeat or was this just beginners luck....time will tell..

- Team Steroids were all set to make a big Monday Night comeback with Hines Ward but it wasn't to be. The Dire Wolfs, one of the      
leagues storied franchises, will make their fourth trip to the big bowl and are seeking their second championship. Both teams got balanced     
scoring this week getting contributes from 8 out of 10 starters each but it was the Wolfs who came out on top. Most league insiders felt     

December 19th 2002
- It's hard to tell if either the Jibboos or the Rattlers really wanted to keep playing this year after their round 1showings but the Jibboos      
advance to see another day. The two teams went into Monday night seperated by only 1 point with one player going for each team and      
that's the way the game stayed as neither player could grab a single point. Shaun Alexander's overtime TD proved to be the difference for     
the Jibboos who will now face a red-hot Widow Makers squad who is well rested and ready to roll.     
- What happened to the mighty House Of Pain's offense? The league's leading offense was only able to manage 25 little points in their     
biggest contest of the year against the hated Dire Wolfs. This should come as no surprise to league insiders, however, as the Wolfs have     
a history of dispatching HOP with ease. HOP's main man, Priest Holmes, ran up and down the field all day but never found the end zone.     
The Dire Wolfs now will face another fierce rival this weekend in the Team Steroids.      

DEC 12 2002
Playoff picture in focus!
This week the cheese was eliminated from a playoff spot by one point,leaving there season with a 6-7-1 record with a loss to the Rattlers.Also eliminated from a spot is-are the Mafia.
The Playoffs look like this.
Team Steroids
House of Pain
Dire Wolfs
Widow Makers
Team Steroids and Wideow Makers have a bye week going into the playoffs.

- Team Steroids clinch division with win over Jibboos.     
- HOP clinches division with win over Outsiders and a Team Steroids loss.     
- Dire Wolfs clinch playoff spot with a win over Mafia. Could win division with a win coupled with losses by both Team Steroids and      
House Of Pain.     
- Mafia will have to beat the Dire Wolfs by more then 31 points to get in. They have split the season series and would have identical     
divisional records. Final tie-break would be total points scored which Dire Wolfs currently lead by 31.     
- The Outsiders have been eliminated from the playoffs.     
- Jibboos have clinched a playoff spot and can take the division with a win over Team Steroids.     
- Widow Makers clinch playoff spot with a win over the Wizards. Can clinch division with a win coupled with a Jibboos loss. Season     
series would be tied and they would have identical divisional records. Jibboos currently hold a 1 point lead in overall points scored as the     
final tie-break.     
- Rattlers can clinch playoff spot with a win over XtraCheese. However, if Xtra Cheese wins they would clinch a playoff spot as well as     
would the Widow Makers. Both the Widow Makers and Xtra Cheese hold all tie-break advantages over the Rattlers     
- The Wizards have been eliminated from the playoffs.   

We are well into the season and things are really starting to heat up!
In afc news team steroids and more noteably the Dire wolves,who is coming off a 6 week winning streak seems to be leading the pack...On the other hand in the NFC it all up in the air.Many close games are decided by few points and most teams have a shot at the fantasy bowl.Watch that division closely as its anybodies game.
 This year has been an exceptional year for the league,Most of the G/Ms returned this year,Reflected on last years performance and prepared for war at the 2002 draft.The draft this year was at the commisioners house,some trash talking was present but for the most part the owners were busy with there cheat sheets and borrowing pens.A few teams changed there names in the hopes that luck would now shine on them,only to find them facing the same player injury woes as previous years.The speed of the draft went well,Except for G/M team steroids...who by draft time was still in his car via cell phone driving from podunk.As luck would have it i do believe he pulled first in the draft.And in typical Team steriods fashion he goes with..who else Marshall faulk.We continue the draft and quickly notice the lack of studs that are left after a few rounds..
Many warm beers later the draft was over,and the games began.
Nov27th 2002

Week 12 Commisioner Notes:
- The Dire Wolfs seem to always struggle with those pesky Wizards and this week was no exception. They were hoping for some     
Monday Night magic from newly acquired Tai Streets but it wasn't to be. The win keeps the Wiz alive for another week while the loss     
knocked the Wolfs out of the top spot in the AFC. This sets the table for a huge showdown with the House Of Pain this week while the      
Wizards face a must win situation against the Cheese.     
- HOP rolled up the Mafia and smoked em' like some good weed this week. The Mafia really needed the game but they sure didn't act like it.     
The loss all but finished the season for the Mafia, but the win throws HOP right back into the thick of things in the AFC. They face a pissed     
off Dire Wolfs squad this week but must have a win to avenge the thrashing they suffered at the hands of the Wolfs in week 6. The Wolfs     
currently hold 2 out of 3 of the tie-breakers including head-to-head and division record.     
- The loss of Donovan McNabb was evident, as most of the league expected, to the anemic Rattlers' offense as they get squashed by a     
suddenly dangerous Widow Maker squad. The loss knocks the Rattlers into a first place tie with the Jibboos who hold all of the tie-breaks     
over the Rattlers. The win puts the Widows into a solid third place position, but they must continue to win as the Wiizards and XtraCheese     
are both breathing down their necks only 1 game behind.     
- The Jibboos stay strong as they barely survive a valiant effort by Xtra Cheese. The win paves the way for another huge tilt this week     
with the Rattlers'. A win for the Jibboos and they clinch the division but a loss for the Rattlers could have them in danger of even making      
the playoffs.     
- Team Steroids take over first but in a very ugly fashion. They win by 1 point for the second straight week while barely surviving a      
spoiler bid by the Outsiders who were the first team to be officially eliminated from this year's playoff hunt. The Roids can clinch a playoff     
berth with a win this week against a desperate Mafia squad. A loss for the Mafia, however, will put an end to their disapointing season.